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Operation Swift Sabre IV
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2Lt. M Robinson
Wed May 09 2018, 02:58pm

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Chernarus has been taken over by revolutionaries supported by the Russian Federation. Russian forces have now moved into secure the entire country and the United Nations with Amnesty International has accused the Russian forces for breaking international law during the invasion and also committing war crime around the country. This has caused a NATO force to be deployed from requests by the former Chernarus government to help free their people.

The enemy has a scattered but heavily dug in fortification line just north of Green Mountain. They are supported by Russian aircraft at the Northern Airbase. Due to the heavy fighting in the south, most of these forces have been committed to that fight and have been drawn away from defending the airfield, leaving a skeleton defence force of Russian reservists. We must take this airfield, and use it as our own base of operations to scatter the enemy front line, then we must quickly mobilise to take the poorly defended north central area of Chernarus which most enemy will use as a corridor to escape NATO forces.


SECURE and HOLD the area from enemy forces

A. Enemy Forces

Scattered, weak forces outside of the airfield. Forces on the airfields are Russian forces but poorly trained reservists.

B. Friendly Forces

Ground Elements:
2 PARA 1st Platoon

Flight Elements:
Harrier x2
Chinook x2
C130 x2

C. Weather FORECAST / Time

Early morning, broken overcast clouds with chances of rain.

D. Terrain

Mainly flat near the airfield

2UP Intent
Take Chernarus and free the currently oppressed people

1UP Intent
Break the front line of Chernorussian forces and destroy their reserves


Who: 2 PARA 1st Platoon
What: Assault and Secure
When: 12thMAY2018
Where: 2 PARA Servers
Why: Continue Invasion

Civilians may be in area, authorised to do anything necessary to complete the mission but keep collateral damage to minimum. Air support must be precise and not damage infrastructure on the airfield


Phase 1: Paradrop behind the frontline onto the airfield and secure it

Phase 2: Re-establish a base of operations on the northern airfield, including the transfer of air assets, while holding the south side against
the potentially retreating front line forces

Phase 3: Paradrop onto DZ Bravo and clear out any scattered resistance in the local area


A. Supply: MTP is being used, as well as standard weapon loadouts.

B. Transportation: Chinook air transport available

C. Services: Refuel, rearm and repair MTVRs at airstrip starting point

D. Maintenance: AT will be required for some

E. CASEVAC: None available or required

F. Miscellaneous: AT needed for enemy APCs

G. Personnel: All men are to be in-server and ready to start by 1930Hrs GMT


A. Command: 2Lt. M Robinson
Succession of Command: Sgt. S Towler, Cpl. C Brown, Cpl. M Kuphs

B. Signal

Robinson - 0/A
Towler - 0/B
JTAC - Warlord

1st Section - Crusader 4-1
2nd Section - Crusader 4-2

Flt Lt. McCain - 1-1
Fg Off. Dell - 1-2

Chinook - Rhino
Apache - Hunter
Harrier - Saxon

Frequencies for this Operation:


CH1 - Command Net
CH2 - Air Radio

CH95 - Air-to-Air Net


CH1 - 1st Section
CH2 - 2nd Section
CH5 - Command

Map Data

Map data to follow

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