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Op Herrick I - After Action Report
Moderators: 2Lt. M Robinson, Flt Lt. J McCain, LCpl. M Kuphs, Sgt. S Towler, Cpl. C Brown
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2Lt. M Robinson
Tue Sep 11 2018, 04:46pm

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2 PARA deployed to Sangin in the summer of 2018 to reduce a growing Taliban insurgency. After 5 weeks, 2 PARA forces managed to substantially reduce the enemies effectiveness to conduct this insurgency which concluded in a hard fought battle over Sangin town north where the remaining enemy force had entrenched itself. Statistics gathered by the end of the campaign showed a reduction of 96% of enemy infrastructure and an 80% reduction of enemy strength overall. Now they have little-to-no infrastructure, we expect their strength to fall over time to nothing and for them to move out of the area completely. Unfortunately, in some areas, the collateral damage required to keep our own forces alive resulted in some of the local population not being supportive of our efforts, this has potentially heightened anti-western sentiment in the area and should more incidents occur after our time there then its likely the insurgency will increase again.

The South of Sangin has reported a complete removal of all insurgent activities, with the last insurgents being seen in the area after our 3rd week deployed. This aspect can be considered a complete success. Insurgent forces have also been seen retreating north towards the more mountainous regions.

Objectives Achieved
- Reduce the insurgency in Sangin

Partially Achieved
- Win hearts and minds of locals

Medals (will be officially awarded later this week)
For those that have attended most if not all events of the campaign, you are awarded the Op Herrick I campaign medal. This includes-


For good work on these missions, the following people have been awarded a Mention in Dispatches for their work.


Due to their exceptional leadership while in contact with the enemy, and specifically for Kuphs also being a master of the 40mm UGL, Cpl. B Brown and LCpl. M Kuphs are awarded the Military Cross. Their actions enabled us to complete this campaign as well as we did.

Performance Assessment

While mostly performing well in each mission, one of the biggest issues faced was having to adapt to much lower than expected personnel. This sometimes resulted in a breakdown in organisation and structure. This was mostly down to the summertime where most people were on holiday and its anticipated this should be better now the summer is over. However, some notes, individuals should ALWAYS post when they can't make it at least 24 hours before an event, failing to do so might result in your removal, the only exception is when something comes up last minute, then please let us know as soon as you can even if its less than 24 hours before the mission. NCO's have been told to make sure posts are up as I know sometimes it was just a case that the posts were not put up. Thanks to those that all attend regularly, you're the glue that holds this thing together, more because you make it worthwhile for me to invest the time/money into the group.

There is now a defined structure to each mission as we have done previously. Load into the server and form herringbone in your sections. Do NOT go over to ammo boxes unless told to do so. Your standard loadout is sufficient for most tasks, if you drop things you think you might not need (night vision) or pick up too much and fall behind you make it much harder for your NCO's. IC's must also know what their men have on them so they can actively plan for resupply. You will also all be assigned a number, and order of march and a 'battle buddy' each mission, and you will operate in pairs mostly, and will occasionally have to report your status to your IC on request of your number. NCO's will use official comms over the radios from now on, using short phrases and callsigns, bigger orders will be delivered in small group briefings. This is always how it was done we have just lost some standards in this regard however now we'll be enforcing it more. We will be doing some 'trainings' over the coming weeks before our next campaign this should let us practice these things. If you're in the reserves but are now more available, please ask to move back into the regulars. Another major point is I need people to be in the server ON TIME. If we start late, we finish late, its fine if you leave after 10pm mostly, but if we start late the finish time gets pushed back and you'll be expected to stay longer. Its not hard to be on time, if you have mod trouble let your IC know that you'll be late, then keep trying to get in, we can always teleport you if its a game related issue.

Closing Thoughts

Overall the campaign was a good stop gap between returning after a short break and the much less busy summer period. Next year we will probably do a similar campaign that is easier to do with less personnel and we might run missions once a fortnight instead during summer next year so that we can pool our resources more efficiently and also enjoy the weather a bit more.
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